About Us

International Paper Bag Industries Pvt.Ltd is leading Paper Bag manufacturing Company in Nepal.We produce highly standard, eco-friendly,reusable shopping carry Bag as well as hand made carry bags and Boxes. We have all the products related to paper including paper box , bag , thungas. We deliver our products in timely manner.


Simply because we care more about our customers so hot stamping/printing is not outsourced. By printing on site we can monitor and manage the quality from start to finish.


We guarantee your repeat custom order will ship in 5-10 days. This is faster than anyone else in the industry and the only guarantee of its kind.

Less Expensive:

By keeping the printing/manufacturing in house we’re able to control costs and keep overhead to a minimum, and these savings go directly to your wallet.

Rest assured your brand will get the best treatment there is when you partner with us for your packaging and printing needs. We’re a small business too, so we know just how much a brand means.


Contact Us: 9810627838 ,


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